The concept

Born in a sheep barn nestled in the Corsican mountains, Kasanature is, above all, the fulfillment of an idea, the dream that travel can be more environmentally and socially responsible.

Our approach follows a “win-win” model where each player has to find his/her place in order to take part in a truly humane, community-minded and compassionate adventure. The goal of our organization is to bring exceptional hosts and environmentally responsible travelers together, in order to imagine the world differently.

We, therefore, wanted to bring together travelers committed to living a green lifestyle and hosts who offer not only a truly environmental project, but also immersion in local life.

Bon voyage !

Our commitments

Substainable Housing
Organic agriculture and local production
Welcome and Sharing
Fair and Supportive
Environmental conservation

Change your perception of the world, beautiful encounters await you

L'Arbre de Vie

L'Arbre de vieSt Joseph - Ile de la Réunion

La Bergerie

la BergerieLozzi - France

Centre CREA

Centre de ressourcement équestre Akaélia (CREA)Trinidad - Cuba

And you, where will you go ?!


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