Australia hides a small bohemian town....

No category - 27/04/2021

Halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, it now has a population of over 3000.

Founded in 1840 by the first European Pioneers, the region, rich in cedar forests, was a real gold mine for its operators until 1900.

Known for its welcoming atmosphere, creative energies, relaxed and friendly lifestyle, since the 1970s Bellingen has become a paradise for artists, craftsmen and more generally people looking for an alternative life closer to nature.

The main street has traditional heritage architecture and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.
It is a pleasure to stroll through the galleries of paintings, pottery, and glassblowers' art shops.
Many gourmet cafés will surprise you with their original cuisine and will let you taste local, healthy and natural products.

On the third Saturday of the month, the big craft market is held, where local producers gather, but also artists always looking for innovation. Many recycled products are transformed into tables and chairs, jewellery and driftwood objects.
You can also get a massage, eat delicious vegetarian dishes, enjoy smoothies and ever more delicious desserts.

And all this to the accompaniment of small local bands that keep the atmosphere swinging. The atmosphere is guaranteed, and it's time to make new friends.

In Bellingen there are plenty of opportunities to go out…

There are many festivals throughout the year.
The most famous one is called "Camp Creative" and takes place in January.
It is an opportunity for young and old to get together for various workshops and let their imagination run wild.
All creative energies are represented: graphic arts, dance, music, writing, crafts, circus, photography, singing and wellness.

The town of Bellingen is situated along a river, where it is surrounded by the hills of the Dorrigo plateau. Everything is green, peaceful and very gentle. You feel good here.

Dorrigo National Park, a World Heritage Site, protects primary rainforests and an abundance of wildlife.

Several trails lead hikers to majestic waterfalls and the Skywalk, an elevated walkway through the treetops, allows birdwatchers to observe birds in peace. This beautiful park is an enchantment.

Just 10 minutes from Bellingen is a little piece of paradise: Promised Land.
The "Never Never Creek" which runs through the valley offers countless clear water holes, inviting you to swim and relax.

To stay connected with your inner self, the Bellingen Yoga studio is an ideal place for yoga and meditation, perched among the trees and vegetation.
Its experienced teachers in different styles of yoga are on hand to listen and also offer private lessons if you are visiting.
Maratana also offers massages, which aim to refocus energy through breathing techniques.

North Farm

Around Bellingen there is an ecolodge in the middle of nature, ideal for relaxing with friends or family: "North Farm".
It is a bio-dynamic farm specialising in goats and chickens.
Jen and Gai, the happy farmers, make goat cheese and butter in the traditional way.
They also love manual work and use their talents to create original handicrafts. They live in the "Slow Movement" and take the time to admire and preserve life and nature around them.

Their culinary passion allows visitors to share a table d'hôte where freshly harvested products from the garden are honoured.
Various activities are offered: meditation, yoga, craft classes. On the farmer's side, one can participate in the care of the animals, which delights the little ones. You can also learn bio-dynamic techniques such as lombri-compost or simply relax.

This 5-hectare property, crossed by numerous streams, offers a natural saltwater pool with a magnificent view of the mountains. There is also a small subtropical forest with a trail for a long walk or horseback ride.
North Farm is also a small sanctuary for wildlife. It is home to a colony of koalas perched in the surrounding eucalyptus trees.
You'll be enchanted by the tranquil pace, the misty sunrises and the fiery red sunsets over the surrounding mountains.

To be discovered….