Kasanature : a collaborative, responsible and conscious community

Kasa Nature is a collaborative platform, creating links and experiences between eco-travellers and exceptional hosts in order to develop a community that believes in sustainable, responsible and conscious tourism. 

Free, transparent and benevolent, the platform references eco-responsible and socio-conscious structures from all over the world so that each traveller can build his or her own experience in complete confidence. 

Our Story

Words once said by a traveller that marked the beginning of a new story and a different adventure in the tourism landscape.

Kasa Nature was born as the realisation of an idea, the realisation of a dream and the creation of a community, which shares the same values and aspirations around tourism.

Originating from a sheepfold in the Corsican mountains, the community has now transcended borders and oceans with the ambition to accomplish the mission in the four corners of the world.

Our vision

We believe in a tourism ecosystem where awareness and responsibility are at the heart of each actor's approach.

Kasa Nature is a visionary of tourism with a positive economic, social, environmental and individual impact. A pioneer of a new paradigm based on transparency, collaboration and cooperation.

Our mision

We work for a responsible and regenerative tourism through the creation of links and experiences between travellers and hosts, sharing the same values.

Kasa Nature is asserting itself as a community, because together we are contributing to the changes that are reinventing the tourism of tomorrow.

Our commitments

Committed to our planet, we implement environmental and social quality criteria in a collaborative approach that unites the host and his guest.

Aware of the impact that travel has on the individual, we choose local immersion and sharing to provide more authentic experiences and create memorable souvenirs.

Convinced that each oasis is unique, our objective is to highlight all this biodiversity to make your 5 senses travel.

Kasa Nature deliberately believes in fair tourism where shared values really count. Artisans from here and elsewhere, welcome to the community!

Our values

Consciousness... in our actions, decisions, thoughts and relationships.

Trust...that we place in the professionals and in the travellers to contribute to a more respectful tourism. take your role to heart, for nature, for others and for yourself.

Sharing ...of experience, know-how, knowledge but also vision and dreams. our communication, in our intentions and in our contributions.

Benevolence...present in all the relationships of the community.

Who is part of Kasa Nature ?

Whatever the character and originality of your living space, Kasa Nature welcomes structures :

  • involved in the preservation of the environment
  • introduced to recycling practices
  • committed to fair trade and solidarity
  • offering an immersion between nature and local culture
  • built with local and ecological materials
  • running on renewable energy
  • using fresh, organic and/or local products

(at least 3 criteria)

And travellers 

  • aware and responsible in their practice and consumption
  • environmentally aware
  • environmentally aware committed to sustainable development
  • environmentally aware and engaged in the respect of the lodge
  • Curious about local traditions and cultures

How to be part of the community ?

Have the freedom to create your profile and enter your structure information directly

Let's get to know each other! We take the time to discuss your activity and your structure to present it better.

Once the information has been collected and our relationship established, your page will serve as a relay between your own site and the traveller

Why Kasa Nature ?

  • Take advantage of a free, commission-free system
  • Join a caring community
  • Gain visibility among eco-travellers
  • Take part in the tourism of tomorrow
  • Discover a trusted place to tell your story
  • Promote your structure and your activity

Like the farmer, Kasa NATURE sows seeds. Seeds that we hope may germinate in the heart of each one of you. 

Seeds that will arouse in you, a desire to protect, a desire to build another humanity together, a desire to act rather than to suffer and to finally rethink our way of life. 

Myriam, founder of Kasa Nature