Kasanature : an environmentally responsible and socially-minded organization

Our adventure started in the highest mountains in Corsica, in an old sheep barn that was transformed into an inviting eco-lodge. Over time and through conversations with our happy travelers who gave positive feedback, a question came to us: “Are there others like you?”

That’s when we got the idea to start a platform that would bring together the hosts who dream of building a more environmentally responsible and ethical world. We wanted to take our time, to let the idea simmer at its own pace, in order to then offer you eco-travelers a unique, sustainable and reliable way of finding your next destination.

When you choose to trust one of our hosts, you are sure to have a local, enriching experience, far from the tourist circuits and, above all, one that is environmentally responsible.

A win-win partnership

Kasanature was born out of the desire to bring together hosts and travelers who wish to build a positive image of travel.

The goal of our organization is to let the world know about exceptional hosts who understand that our planet, our only home, is worthy of being explored with the greatest of care.

It is completely free to be affiliated with our platform. There is no fee. You only have to have a place that allows others to breathe in Nature and local life!For our hosts and travellers, this is an opportunity to be connected to and to be part of a project that we hope will act on the world of tourism like a virtuous cycle.

Transparency : being responsible !

We didn’t want to ask the hosts or the travellers to pay to use our platform, in order to be able to offer you these high-level requirements and to be able to continuously improve our services. There are no commissions or subscriptions!

We prefer the donation system. It is fairer and is entirely voluntary. Above all, it empowers the different players. We also didn’t want to choose just any donation platform.We have chosen a socially responsible payment solution. If you want to take part in our adventure, we’d like to present our partner HelloAsso