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The huge organic garden, where beautiful fruit and vegetables are harvest throughout the year for Mundo Nuevo’s vegetarian restaurant.
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Our Philosophy

Afterall... This is what Mundo Nuevo is all about: a sustainability project.

We have just received our "sustainability" label, asserting that Mundo Nuevo is operating in a responsible way.
The label entails many points, of which we have outlined the principal ones below.


Ethical business:
Mundo Nuevo ensures to conduct an ethical business by
providing its staff with good working conditions and a fair employment contract, regardless of gender or ethnicity
promote professional growth of our staff without distinction based on race, gender, political beliefs or religion
respecting and adopting the laws against child labour, sex tourism and exploitation
engaging in ways that support the environmental conservation while maintaining the quality of service provided to our guests

Organic products:
At Mundo Nuevo, the use of organic products is crucial, starting from the food we eat to the products we use to keep Mundo Nuevo clean. This is why we also decide to provide our guests with organic Columbian shower products, inviting them to leave non-biodegradable products at home. Besides using our own organic crops for the preparation of meals, the other ingredients are also organic. Furthermore, our cleaning teams maximise on the use of organic products, on all fronts of the lodge.

Water management:
With the reconversion of Mundo Nuevo, septic tanks have been installed to ensure all used water returns to nature in a non-damaging way. This is further ensured by using only organic and bio-degradable products when cleaning. We are also happy to inform our guests that our water comes straight from a natural source and is drinkable.

Waste management:
Mundo Nuevo choses carefully the products purchased and consumed to limit packaging waste, including food for the kitchen. Mundo Nuevo actively seeks packaging that can be re-used or recycled.

For the guests, our bar offers only drinks coming in glass and the products provided in the showers have a refill station system. The lodge offers a water refill station, stimulating its guests to reuse their water bottles, and even sells thermo bottles to further encourage the re-use philosophy. Also, the eco lodge is equipped with several recycling station available to the guests, in addition to those available to the working teams.

All organic waste goes into the compost or to our chickens.

Energy consumption:
We develop techniques to limit our energy consumption, such as using light only when needed and turn them off when leaving the room. Our working teams also use machinery to a very limited extent, only when manual work is too difficult.

Flora and Fauna:
Since Mundo Nuevo has been created, the teams have been working very hard on bringing the nature it once was back. This has been done by planting lots of endemics fruit trees (such as bananas, avocados, mangos, ...), as many flowers, trees and bushes as possible. The beauty of it is that by regrowing the nature, Mundo Nuevo has been offering homes again to endemic stingless bees, butterflies, birds and insects. We are happy to say that nature has been able to reclaim its rights and we will continue to help nature continue this process.

Community integration:
Being an integrated part of the area and integrating the area into Mundo Nuevo's activities is an important pillar for us. We do so by proposing only activities that are beneficial to the area, that protect and promote both the local culture and nature, and that are educational to our guests. This also includes the preservation of archaeology, constituting part of the cultural patrimony, and respecting our indigenous Wiwa friends.

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Little, pretty house (66m2) with spectaculars views over the valley, the indigenous village of Awindua, the Punta and the cost.
Mariposa is located between the main Lodge and the Punta (Incredible point of view, designed like a mini Ciudad Perdidad).
It features a queen size bedroom (Orthopedic mattress) with glas sliding door, a dressing, an exquisite bathroom with open shower( warm water), above the dressing a little space with a spare mattress. and an open common area with 2 sofas that can be used as 2 beds a mini bar and a lovely spot to have a drink.
For 2 to 3 people, but ideal for a couple or close friends.

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