Our commitments

You live with an 'eco-logical' consumption pattern.

You protect biodiversity by your willingness to act with respect for the environment.

You privilege the local or solidarity economy.

Do you like to share your passion with other…?

Join a network of actors committed to sustainable, ethical and solidarity-based tourism. To do so, you must meet at least three of the following criteria:

Bio habitat

Built or renovated in harmony with nature, you have chosen to use preferably local, natural, ecological or recycled materials.

  • Bioclimatic house / local and renewable materials, respectful of the environment.
  • Organic exterior cleaning products / natural isolation / PEFC wooden house / natural paint and coating / reused or recycled furniture / green roof.
  • Biodegradable cleaning products / organic cosmetics / reduction of towel change.
  • Natural swimming pool / salt pool.
  • Natural bedding.
  • Insect hotel / wildlife refuge.


You favour renewable energies.

  • Photovoltaic panels / wind turbine / 'green energy' contract / hydro-electric turbine.
  • Solar hot water / heat pump / Canadian well.
  • Biomass boiler with wood or pellets.
  • Hydro-electric turbine.
  • Low-energy light bulb / solar lamps.
  • Natural ventilation and less use of air conditioning.


Driven by a true awareness of preservation, you raise awareness through initiation to eco-gestures and gentler practices that nourish the earth. You limit the production of waste as much as possible. You recycle rainwater, for example, in the gardens.

  • Selective sorting of waste: recycling glass / plastic / metal / paper / ink cartridge / batteries.
  • Water Management: Water flow reducers / recovery and reuse of rainwater / dry toilets.
  • Use of compost


Fresh and preferably organically produced products are the actors of your kitchen. Flavour and local gastronomy are part of your daily life. You favour artisanal production by making your own products.

  • Organic vegetable garden or permaculture
  • No pesticides or weed killers.
  • Organic table/vegetarian or gluten-free choices/fresh local products
  • Product of the hive
  • Organic, local or homemade home products
  • Collaboration with organic and local farmers, giving priority to short circuits.


You are involved in a preservation program. You organize participative workcamps.

  • Conservation of biodiversity. E.g.: reforestation / planting of endemic trees and plants / protection of forests or mangroves / of the coastline....
  • Raising travelers' awareness of the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Acting as a partner of a local association for the preservation of the environment.
  • Cleaning up tourist sites, e.g. beaches.

EQUITABLE and supportive

You involve the local community, which is essential for a more supportive local economy.

  • Raising staff awareness of ecological practices.
  • Support of the local community (employment of local people with fair remuneration).
  • Local guides and actors.
  • Help with local schools.

Reception and Sharing

Fascinated by your place of life, you share in all simplicity the knowledge of your country / region.

You offer a real opportunity for an immersion experience between nature and local culture.

Convinced that man still has things to say to each other, that he can still learn from nature and can live there in harmony, we have created this site in order to connect citizens of the world willing to share new experiences and meet each other.

It is through the will, actions and choices of each one of us that we create the world of tomorrow.

Be the change that you want to see in the world



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