We are a team of travel lovers, eager to share our good addresses and to help you discover new ones around the world.

We are passionate about ecology, renewable energies, organic gardens and farmers small markets. We like to meet the people who, through their initiative, make us want to do, to undertake and to believe in our dreams.

Kasa Nature was born from this desire to establish a connection between citizens of the world sharing these same values.


As a traveler, open to the world and sensitive to the environment, I have always favored encounters with others in a spirit of exchange and mutual enrichment.

Settled in Corsica, at the foot of Monte Cinto, I welcome guests in search of wild nature in my old sheepfold, built with natural and ecological materials, and autonomous in terms of energy.  

My experience as a host has allowed me to understand that more and more people are looking for authentic stays, in search of preserved places where encounters make all the difference.

May Kasa Nature become a source of inspiration....


As a literature lover, a digital enthusiast, a socio-cultural exchanges fan, a nature admirer and a life enthusiast, I realized early on that part of my path was to be found on the roads of the world.

I accompany companies and tourism professionals to develop consciously through communication, marketing and product creation. It is with projects on the roads of South America on which I have been venturing for almost 2 years or with remote collaborations, that I realize myself as a redactor, consultant and designer of eco-responsible and socio-conscious tourism products. I explore the world, and its virtues, to understand it, trying to leave a positive footprint through tourism, in my own way. To say everything and nothing, I move where I need to be, flowing between meaningful projects, weaving links, generating positive impacts and gathering reflections.

Meeting Kasa Nature and Myriam was a natural fit, and that's essentially what happens when you share the same values and aspirations with someone. The mission and ambition of this collaborative and transparent platform immediately aligned with my vision on the practice of tourism. Being a tourism professional and also a backpacker, I am particularly invested in projects that make sense for the future of the industry, but also for us and our planet. Everything being intrinsically linked.

I am thus setting out to meet committed tourism actors and exceptional hosts in order to listen to their stories and discover their places of life, while helping to feed the Kasa Nature platform and contribute to the community.

"Undertake tourism in other way, travel differently", to learn more it's here.


I am a student in sustainable tourism and I study eco-responsible alternatives to imagine the future of tourism. Curious and optimistic by nature, I have been inspired from the inner journey. My soul takes part in all possible ways through kindness, sharing and recognition. Every new day is a rebirth and every rebirth brings happiness and creativity.

Aware of the impact of our lifestyles on the environment, I immediately made the link with the phenomenal weight that the tourism industry weighs on the preservation of biodiversity. So I want to surround myself with tourism stakeholders who want to contribute to the sustainable change of the tourism industry.

Convinced that small changes can make a big difference, I work from Les Alpes-Maritimes in order to help and promote the actors who make sense for a more conscious tourism and include a social and environmental dimension in all decision making. 

That’s why the idea of joining the team seems totally obvious to me. Being able to act in a community who shares the same values as me creates an incredible inspiration and comforts me for the future growing up that I draw with my heart. 

By incorporating Kasa Nature, I commit to finding eco-responsible accommodation in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region to offer you, traveller, a chance to appreciate your journey peacefully without anxiety about carbon impact. And to provide you the power to begin the principal actor of this ecological transition. 

Choose an exceptional host from here and abroad who will turn your trip into a rewarding and memorable experience…

With love, peace and kindness. ✌🏻


I have always felt the need to go "somewhere else", to go further, to go on an adventure by leaving the comfort zone of everyday life.

Leaving is the goal I give to my life.

When I was young, I travelled in my head, I dreamed of distant countries, paradisiacal islands, coconut palms, lagoons, turquoise waters and meetings.

I wanted to get to know the people of the world, their customs, their culture and their ideals.

I travelled to Latin America, Cuba and then to Asia.

The return from Malaysia by sailboat was an extraordinary trip, a feeling of freedom, to go wherever we wanted, to discover small beaches, fishing villages, to be able to exchange clothes for a local meal, and to learn how to recognize certain medicinal or edible plants.

It was an unforgettable 6 months of travel, of a great richness that still nourishes me today.

At 68, the love of the tropics pushed me to change course.

After 20 years of living in Corsica, I now live on the intense island of Reunion.