Visit to the south of the Reunion Island.

No category - 10/05/2021

Let's go for a little visit in the south of the Island.

Departure from St LEU in the west. We decide to leave happily at 8 am, which is great for me as I m an early bird ! Direction the south by the road of the tamarins, until St Pierre. On the way we see the famous 'Cirque of Cilaos'.

We perceive the factory of Gol (sugar cane factory), we leave the climbing road to join the pretty villages of Entre-Deux and Tampon, which will be for another discovery day.

The Tamarind Road does not go any further, so no choice but to follow the
the road by the coast. Just before entering the village of Petite Ile and Manapany, we discover Grand Anse, a great opportunity to take a dip in the Indian Ocean…. a delightful moment.

Well, we haven't arrived and there are plenty of temptations on the way, but here we are at the Langevin river, and the famous "cascade des galets", one of the most grandiose on the island. We find something to eat in the area, and off we go to the waterfall ….. Wow! Breathtaking, grandiose, really very very beautiful, we find a small corner at the edge of the river to eat, to swim, the water is fresh and after the ocean dip of Grande Anse it is rather welcome.

After a mini nap, we set off again towards the south and the village of Vincendo and the 'Cap Méchant' and visit the 'Puits des Français' and the 'Puits des Anglais'. Cap Méchant is located along a jagged coastline hit by the swell and typical of the region called Sud sauvage.

There we can see the famous blower, which is very impressive and dangerous by strong swell.
St Philippe is in sight, soon the lava flows, 2007 was the latest one, since then the volcano has not stopped spitting fire without having flows that go down to the sea, and the road was cut off for long periods.

We arrived at the 'Anse des Cascades', a magical place...the water flows everywhere, it's impressive.
We can admire the island famous elephant foot palm trees and the ocean which beats the rocks. It is not good a good day for swimming there, there is no coral reef to protect us from the strong current.

Soon we arrive at our final destination, the famous church where the lava stopped at the door, …. a miracle? Everyone has a its own theory.
We are in Piton Sainte Rose.

After a good meal and a busy day, the journey back home is silent. Each one enjoying and remembering the beautiful moments we spend.