Meeting with Jéremy and Marie from La Papaye Verte

No category - 20/04/2021

Jérémie and Marie are the happy owners of a traditional African peasant inn, nestled in Togo. We were very touched by their approach and wanted to know more about their activity and their motivation.

How did you come up with the idea of making an eco-responsible place?
"Thank you very much to KasaNature for thinking about us and for taking the time. Very interesting question since the reflection followed a certain path. I took a look at the practices and ways of living today, compared to my father's a few years before, and realized that the more traditional living practices made much more sense to me. That's why I came back to an eco-system, more true to my values and way of life. "

What "eco" initiatives are you most proud of?
"The one I am really proud of is being able to consume what I have produced myself, thanks to the farm. It is a very particular satisfaction and a real chance to be able to make the tourists I welcome benefit from it. It's also a way to share my know-how with them. "

Beyond your hosting, do you have other commitments at the local level?
"Yes, I have the chance to be a guide and referent in my village and community. I am the link between the donors and the community. It is very rich to be able to bring all these positive things around me. "

What vision do you have for green tourism and its future?
"Not a vision but a wish: that everyone who wants to can discover the usefulness and values of green tourism around the world, since there is still a long way to go and wonderful things to discover and share. "

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