Discovering the Dordogne.

No category - 06/11/2021

The Dordogne, formerly known as the Périgord, is divided into 4 regions with very specific characteristics. It is the land of the good life and the good living with its charming villages, its stone houses, but also its diverse nature a few kilometres away.

Rich in history with its castles, medieval houses and troglodyte dwellings, the Dordogne attracts many people who are looking for authenticity, but also for a timeless life or a slower pace of life: the "Slow Life".

The Dordogne is also rich in the diversity of its nature and landscapes. It is bucolic and green in the North of the Dordogne; it is dry in the South with its landscapes of caves and concretions. It attracts many foreigners, mainly from Germany, Holland and Great Britain, who love its countryside, its gentle way of life and its famous gastronomy. Don't be surprised to find English newspapers in every bookshop in the area. Many British people have settled here to live but also to get involved in the local life, bringing their phlegm and enthusiasm. Moreover, the singing accent of the locals blends very well with the accent of the foreigners. It often makes for tasty speeches….

Increasingly oriented towards organic or local production, leading to the birth of a new green economy, people are sensitive to "eating well" thanks to small local producers selling quality products. In addition, everyone with a garden grows their own fruit and vegetables. And it is not uncommon to see orchards with old fruits.

     But all this is just a generalization of a region that is open to new ways of life while being proud of its roots and its history.

              And now, let's go for a walk....