Black Perigord

No category - 17/11/2021

The heart of the Dordogne

Sarlat-la-Canéda, Les Eyzies, Lascaux, La Roque-Gageac, Domme… so many world-famous names and all located in one micro region : the black Périgord.

Black, not because of the supposed blackness of its hospitable land, but because of the dense oak forests and the dark colour of the slate roofs and, more colorfully, the rugged cliffs. There is not a road or path that does not reveal a viewpoint or a site of interest. The Périgord Noir concentrates a large number of sites to visit in the Dordogne. One has rarely seen such a division between culinary pleasures and such a density of heritage.

Starting with Sarlat-la-Canéda, its capital, a magnificent medieval city. In the heart of the old town we expect to see Cyrano from Bergerac or actors from cloak and dagger films in the middle of Renaissance or 18th century buildings. The old town of Sarlat with its bourgeois houses bears witness to the golden age of the town.

But let's not reveal everything, go and discover it.

Then you have to choose between starting with the prehistoric caves of the Vézères or the castles along the Dordogne valley, not forgetting kayaking, hot air ballooning, gardens and bastides. So many places to visit that we don't know where to turn.

The prehistoric sites of the Vézères valley are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Known as the Sistine Chapel of prehistoric art, Lascaux is a must-see in the Périgord Noir. With its polychrome animal representations and hunting scenes created 20,000 years ago.

Other caves or prehistoric sites are to be found around Les Eyzies, the capital of prehistoric art. The precision, the richness of the colours and the movements give us the impression of looking over the artist's shoulder. We are out of time. An incredible experience not to be missed.

Then let's go back to the surface and stop at Domme, a bastide perched on its cliff, and La Roque-Gageac, a village also perched on its cliff. The panorama from these two places is fantastic. A whole day is necessary to stroll in each of these places.

And I'm just flying over the region, I haven't told you about the fortresses of Castelnaud and Beynac, the gardens of Marqueyssac… So take a good guide because you might miss some treasures.

And now it's time for adventure, to discover the Périgord.

Have a nice trip...!