The ecolodge: a different kind of tourism.

Inspiration - 10/04/2021

Built in harmony with nature, it is thought, designed and operated with environmental and social principles for sustainable tourism.

Living with an eco-responsible way of consumption for a will to act by limiting the impact on the ecosystem, here is the idea common to all these addresses in the four corners of the world.

Committed to eco-tourism, this pioneer of sustainable development
has chosen to live by protecting biodiversity.
He prefers to use local and natural materials for construction or renovation and favors renewable energy.

Driven by a true awareness of preservation, he inspires and raises awareness by initiating eco-gestures, to gentler practices that nourish the earth.
He limits the production of waste as much as possible, recycles water in the gardens and practices organic farming.

Passionate about his place of life, this local guide shares with pleasure and generosity the knowledge of his country and the love of his region.
He involves the local communities, essential for a more solidary economy of proximity.
He favors artisanal production and sometimes proposes to travelers a local and organic gastronomy.
It offers a real opportunity for an immersion experience between nature and local culture.

Convinced that man still has things to say to each other, that he can still learn from nature and can live in harmony with it, we have created this site in order to connect citizens of the world who wish to share new experiences and meet each other.

It is through the will, the acts and the choices of each one, that we create the world of tomorrow.

« Be the change you want to see in the world »