Meeting with Valerie from Mundo Nuevo

No category - 20/04/2021

The team of Mundo Nuevo, a Colombian eco-lodge, gave us a few words to talk about eco-responsible tourism and their different initiatives.

How did you come up with the idea of creating an eco-responsible venue?
"Very naturally in the end! The question would be "But how could it be otherwise? ". It's a strong desire that started in 2015 and became a reality with the acquisition of the place. We really wanted to make it a place that allows environmental awareness. "

What "eco" initiatives are you most proud of?
"Very simple things but so important to us, like the installation of a septic tank to collect waste water, which is transformed by a battery of 29 bacteria. The development of permaculture vegetable gardens, adapted to local weather conditions, and the planting of hundreds of organic fruit trees. The reforestation project of endangered Colombian species, such as the South American Ebony. "

Do you have any other local commitments beyond your hosting?
"Yes, it goes beyond the accommodation itself. It goes through the vegetable gardens, the commitment to reforestation, the collaboration with the Wiwas indigenous people, the educational tours on the indigenous culture of the Sierre, the educational tours on vegetable gardens, bees, etc. Different things that really make sense to us. "

What is your vision of green tourism and its future?
"It's a clear future, we strongly hope so. We think it will become "tourism", that it will replace the current tourism codes. The future will tell! "

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