Meeting Pousada Morro do Forte in Paraty

Meeting - 14/06/2021

Helena, the owners' daughter of the Pousada, gave me a charming welcome to her family hotel to be part of the Kasa Nature community. A place full of charm overlooking the colonial city of Paraty, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is through eco-responsible practices and commitments that contributes today to responsible tourism in Brazil, offering pleasant comfort and possibilities of immersion in the wild environment of the protected area of Cairuçu, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.  Here we meet the Pousada Morro do Forte...

Meeting Pousada Morro do Forte in Paraty

Tell us about the history of the pousada...

35 years ago my parents, who are of German origin, came on a trip to Paraty and fell in love with this place. When they found this land with nothing but banana trees and an incredible view of the sea, they decided it was the perfect place to build their Pousada. So they went back to Germany, raised the money and came back to buy the land, little by little they built their project in about seven years.  I was born in the Posada, we lived here until I was eight years old, the Posada has served as a home and as a family business as well.

What do you tell visitors who want to travel responsibly in Paraty?

We tell them to go on tours that are not crowded and that do not degrade the environment. We try to point out some local tour guides who propose walks that are not very well known nowadays, such as the trekking to Praia do Sono, Saco do Mamanguá and Cachoeira do Saco Bravo for example, which few people know about. We also make recommendations for local restaurants that represent the local culture of Paraty, such as the Quilombo Restaurant at the entrance of the city.

Meeting Pousada Morro do Forte in Paraty

What positive impact do you want to have on tourism?

We try in a simple and caring way to welcome people so that they have a good experience in Paraty. Our positive impact lies in informing about places that are not so common, thus rescuing them from oblivion, such as Trilhas, nature corners and local restaurants. In this way, tourists connect better with the local culture. 

Meeting Pousada Morro do Forte in Paraty

It is with much attention that Helena, Cleide and the whole team of the Pousada welcome each traveler and recommend the best local immersions as well as the best restaurants and corners of the destination. Live your experience and contact them here.

Tiffany, passionate communicator, inveterate marketer, enthusiastic traveler and collaborator of Kasa Nature.