The Island of Beauty

Corse - 04/11/2021

Living on a rocky and mountainous island in the Mediterranean where nature is beautiful, powerful, wild and very diverse, allows an almost instantaneous escape without having to take a plane.

Each micro region has its own unique atmosphere and each corner has its own unique scent. Corsica amazes, surprises and many succumb to its charm…

I decide to take advantage of the last hot days of summer. The climbing and winding road takes me to the plateau of the Alta Rocca which dominates the bay of Porto Vecchio.

Surrounded by a pine forest and dotted with large rocks, this rocky setting appeals to me: as if the place was still inhabited by large giant colossi. One could even imagine that a dinosaur would come running across the valley.

There is a path, much frequented because it is mentioned in the tourist guides, which allows walkers-explorers to wander around, to observe this unusual place and to discover some caves where signs of distant life are hidden.

But it is the thud of the water that disconcerts me, as the dry and arid soil of late September does not give the impression that a river can run with so much force on these mountainsides. But still, the noise intensifies… down below there are some nice swimming holes.

It is still warm. I want to rest on a rock by the cool water and enjoy this moment, in full consciousness. A moment of symbiosis where the energy of the fresh water pierces and regenerates the cells of my body. I feel like singing and listening to the echo of my voice on the rocks.

At the end of the path, after a few more efforts for the descent, the waterfall bursts out of the cliff. From the top of its 70 m height, majestic, it is there, before my eyes! I would never have believed that it could be so powerful at the end of summer and especially so high. What a beautiful sight!

I'll let you guess its name… If you're in the area, come and dive in for a day in front of this fantastic scene.

Myriam, summer 2021.